Facebook’s new introduction Impressum:

By | March 30, 2017

The Facebook is one of the top most social messaging apps used all across the world. This app has millions and millions of users who are so much addicted using the app and staying n connect with their friends and relatives spread across the globe.

In order to maintain the caliber, the Company keeps on adding new features to the app in order to keep the users entertained and continued using the app.

Recently, with such motive, the Facebook has introduced the “Impressum” field allowing to be used by the user on the business pages depending upon the country you are presently in. this feature can also be used as an tool. To knowmore about the new feature, continue to read the full article.



The word “Impressum” is derived from the Latin word impremere which means “to print”.  It is basically a term which is offered to the legally mandated statement of the ownership and authorship of the document.

Such can also be included in the books, newspapers, magazines and websites that will eb published in Counter’s like Germany and Other German speaking Countries, Austria and Switzerland.

When the pages are organized by the publishers, some information has to be provided which is in short called as Impressum. It is personally for the business pages and depending totally on the type of the page; the information is published and must also know about what all is to be included.

Facebook Impressum- useful tool:

As mentioned above, the Facebook new introduction, The Impressum is a powerful tool that can be used not only for to be created under the law in some countries, but also can be used to create any information on your page and start a persona business, company or Brand. Talking more about the Impressum page, it is very much similar to other websites that has: About us” or “terms and conditions” pages.

Also, the users should keep in mind that thy need not go with the local law or get linked with the Legal Disclosure, legal notice, Statement of Ownership or Terms and service.

facebook impressum


Here we come to the end of the article. I hope I was able to describe you with as much of information and idea about the new introduction by Facebook,

The Impressum.  Any queries, questions or recommendations are highly appreciated and share the article further if you find it beneficial.


The main motive was to make everyone aware about the new feature or can say Tool that can be used by the users on their business age and create their own business, brand or product. Continue Reading our articles and share your feedback. Anything is truly appreciated.

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