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By | December 31, 2016

Facebook has owned Instagram; this is the photo as well as video sharing app. It has announced a first kind of Instagram exhibition. This will be held at ICCR gallery which is in Kolkata, West Bengal. This event will be held today in a grand manner.

This exhibition will be running with the theme that is “Celebrating Diversity of Bengal”. This will feature all the photos Best Email Signatures website that have taken using this popular app. This exhibition will be a “community-centric” photo gallery in which it consists of all the images from West Bengal’s festivals.


Instagram is hosting the Photo exhibition in India

This is also from the local Instagram community that is showcases of the state’s diversity in landscape, food, people, wildlife as well as architecture and more. Instagram has started to extend its base in India.

Most of the Indians are using this app to post funny Dubsmash videos. All this Dubsmash videos have been a recent craze and is going viral in the social networking sites. There will be a display of 15 odd pictures in this photo exhibition.

Instagram were contacted by Facebook officials that were contacted about two weeks ago. They have collected the photos and sent it to the team of Facebook.

Congress MP Derek O’Brien is set to inaugurate this exhibition

The group Streets of Calcutta has around 5,000 members and also the Calcutta Instagrammers has around 2000 odd members. They have contacted with them in the social media. 50 Photos were sent in which 15 were shortlisted by the officials concerned.

The Photo of the man praying with a Nakhoda Masjid in the frame is one of the items to be displayed in the exhibition. Congress MP Derek O’Brien is set to inaugurate this exhibition and he is very positive about it.



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