Airtel allows corporate customers to use prepaid data on postpaid plans

By | December 15, 2016

Bharathi Airtel is a leading telecom operator and it has launched a plan that will allow corporate customers use Pre-paid data on their respective Post-paid. Airtel has already started sending messages to Post-paid customers informing them about the prepaid data recharge facility.

Airtel allows corporate customers to use prepaid data on postpaid plans

How it is useful:

This scheme is primarily useful to the customers who are unable to access mobile internet because of corporate connections their company policy does not allow subscribing those plans having data packs.

Airtel said, the latest innovation Pre-paid on Post-paid plan provides a very simple and flexible solution to the Post-paid customers by offering Pre-paid data packs on Post-paid corporate plans. And also they said mobile internet is becoming the norm for millions of mobile customers.

How can they recharge:

Customers can recharge their accounts through retail, online or mobile wallets. Airtel’s standard prepaid data recharges start from Rs 99. There is no hassle of changing SIM’s or maintaining two mobile devices.

What does director said?

Gopalan (director -consumer business) said, “flexibility is the core of our post-paid proposition, with Airtel myplan offering infinite choices to the customers to create their own mobile plans,” we have received extremely positive response to this product.


245.79 million Users are having by Airtel as of January 2016, according to the Cellular operators Association of India.

Airtel started delivering 4G mobile broadband speed of up to 135 mega bits per second. The company said data speeds of up to 135 Mbps have been delivered on Airtel’s 4G network in Kerala. Airtel has combined the capacities of spectrum held by it in 2300 MHz and 1800MHz spectrum bands. While Airtel has so far dominated the 4G space in the country, now the entry of Mukesh Ambani-owned Reliance is being seen as a potential threat to Airtels 4G base. 4G is available to customers across a range of smart devices including mobile phones, dongles, 4G hotspots and Wi-Fi dongles.

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